Frog Stomp

The dam at Bucketty has been sown with several types of waterplants. Don’t know what they are, they’re all green. Don’t know if they are a good or a bad thing as far as the dam goes. My incliniation was to remove them – make the dam you own your own!

But then come sunset the frogs started.

And it seems now to be a shame to take their home away.

Have a listen and see what you think. Should I keep the plants and leave the frogs with their home? Or remove the plants and let the frogs die a horrible and homeless death?

PS. This blog doesn’t allow you to upload an audio file, so I had to save this as a movie. The image is a still taken on the weekend. When we arrived a rainbow was landing in the distance directly over the house. While Naomi did all the hard work of unloading the car I walked back up the driveway to take a photo.