Ice Skating

Today is the last day of the school holidays, hence no Wednesday Walk for the last two weeks. It is also our daughter LeStrange’s Birthday, and she has chosen to go iceskating with her brother, KarateKid, and her pseudocousin FrenchHorn. Veghead and Spinneychick have decided on the viewing only option to minimise injury and embarrassment. The session went for three hours, and after about the first hour, Veghead went for a walk due to the extreme cold inside the rink. We were forewarned as quite recently LeStrange and KarateKid had been iceskating with Grandma, who also chose the viewing only option, although if she hadn’t I probably would have tagged along for the entertainment value. Anyway, even though wearing a coat, hat, scarf and gloves, Spinneychick caved in eventually when she could no longer feel her hands and feet, and the shivering became so bad that people were beginning to stare, retreating to the viewing area outside. It was a cool day, but felt toasty warm after the arctic temperatures we had just been subjected to. The atmosphere doesn’t compare of course to the Windsor outdoor skating rink at Christmastime, but LeStrange had a great birthday.

Rumbalara Reserve

This week the forecast was for rain, so Veghead and Spinneychick were prepared for a picnic on the balcony, but we had a backup plan just in case the weather did not turn foul….and it didn’t, so we went with the plan. From our balcony we have a luscious view of an area of bushland called the Rumbalara Reserve, so we can pop in for a short walk at our convenience. We didn’t take the camera so the photos in this post were taken at various times from our balcony or in the reserve. We ate our lunch on a rock platform with an extensive view over Gosford and a rather large population of mosquitos. So we ate rather quickly and made our way back to the trail. The walk was called the Flannel Flower walk, so I chose this one because they are my favourite flower, but sadly it was the wrong time of year so there were no flowers to be seen, well not the flannel ones anyway. We’ll be back in the springtime.