ridgesong is a bush property located on a private road in Bucketty NSW (map co-ordinates Latitude -33.093058, Longitude 151.138573). It comprises 25 acres with a single story dwelling, a separate garage, and several small farm buildings. The flora surrounding the property comprises dry Sclerophyll forest over a mixed shrub and grass understory, rising on a slope from a wet Sclerophyll forest valley floor. Major tree species include iron bark, stringy bark, acacia, she-oak, and Sydney half-gum.

What’s in a name?

We live in a world of numbers, titles and acronyms. However, names are how we greet each new person into the world, and into our circle of friends. They hold meaning to us, and carry within their seemingly shallow dip and swell of sounds something far more important, descriptive and reminiscent of history. ridgesong is a place we lived in long ago (in our lives), where friendships dear to us were forged, honed, and where new ones continue to be created and built upon still. It is a place that reminds us that we live within a world, as part of it, rather than being separate from it. The song of the world surrounds us, and we neglect its tune and endless chorus at our peril. We live on a ridge, and we heed the song of the trees and animals who lived here first. It only seemed appropriate to honour that fact in the name.


ridgesong is surrounded by bushland and therefore is classified as at high risk from bushfire. We take this seriously and have taken steps to mitigate the risks to ourselves, and to any of our visitors. We have prepared a detailed Bushfire Survival Plan covering what we will do in the event of a fire. We encourage everyone who lives in or near the bush to do the same. Feel free to take a copy of our survival plan and use it as a source of ideas in the development of your own plan. You can download a copy here. We’d also like to acknowledge the work of the local Rural Fire Service brigades, and the advice and support they have provided to us and to the local community.

Getting here

Need directions? For Sydney to Bucketty download this: Sydney to Bucketty, from Kariong to Bucketty download this: Kariong to Bucketty

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  1. It’s great that you’ve prepared a Bushfire Survival Plan and are encouraging others to do so!
    I’m from the Upper Hunter, near Muswellbrook and growing up my family never really had a plan for bushfires, it would’ve been great if they were more heavily encouraged back in the day.

    I found out about a Fire Ban Checker app a few months ago and loving it’s benefits so much, I got involved with the team and am now helping spread awareness. If you like it’s features and goals as much as I do you should check it out and maybe even share this with your online community.

    In short, it’s a free app which provides real-time fire danger ratings across Australia. Our goal is to promote the use of fire ban information as an important precautionary measure Australians can use to prepare for and even prevent bushfires.
    The information in our app is provided by the government fire authorities (e.g. the NSW RFS) so you can ensure it’s up-to-date and reliable.

    Also, Yotam’s potato gratin recipe sounds great – I’m planning on giving it a try!

    Thanks for your time,

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