Oil’s ain’t oils…

In the oil cupboard…what’s in there and what is it all used for (all oils are organic)

1. Olive oil (extra virgin, cold pressed)

  • anything Italian
  • bread recipes that require oil
  • baking

2. Peanut oil

  • Thai
  • Indonesian
  • general frying

3. Vegetable oil (take care to get organic – non organic is likely made with GM canola or soya)

  • Indian
  • Ethiopian
  • general frying

4. Coconut oil (is a hard oil at room temperature)

  • Thai and anything else that also has coconut milk in it
  • General shallow frying of anything to which you wish to add a gentle coconut flavour

5. Sesame oil

  • Not used for cooking – use only cold or stir in to a hot meal just before eating
  • Sesame and beetroot are one of the Universe’s natural couples

6. French Walnut oil

  • Not used for cooking
  • Lends a very light nutty taste
  • The best oil to use in mashed potato rather than butter or margarine
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