Dinner with the Flying Dutchman

On Tuesday afternoon The Flying Dutchman signaled his presence in LizzieLand with a quick text. Hasty arrangements were made for him to come over for dinner, thus rescuing him from the foul produce of a Marriott Hotel kitchen. Having extended the invitation the only minor challenge was to open the fridge and see what was actually in the house to cook. The Flying Dutchman will – happily for us – eat what is put in front of him; even the culinary excesses of his mad vegan friends.

The choice of a Moroccan themed dinner was settled by the fact that everything needed was already in the house.


  • Hommous
  • Olives
  • Spicy aubergine dip
  • Pita bread

Main course:

  • Bean and lemon tagine
  • Golden cous-cous

And so I’d better get busy posting up the recipes for those….

One thought on “Dinner with the Flying Dutchman

  1. A real friend…

    being a Flying Dutchman en a longtime friend, I did not hesitate to let “veghead” know I was in the neighbourhood. And as always, not only did he NOT disappoint me, he surprised me with a delicious meal.. Can’t wait for the recipe… Thanks “veg”, sometimes, an evening like this makes you realize what the word “friend” really means….

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