How to make a tool to remove the skin from a possum or ‘roo

When out in the Australian bush, surviving on your wiles and cunning, it may become necessary to manufacture certain tools. Unlikely as it sounds, the nearest Bunnings or Mitre 10 hardware store may be many thousands of kilometers distant, just as you find yourself in desperate need of a tool to remove the skin off a kangaroo or a possum.

Print off this blog entry and tuck it into the secret inside pocket of your wallet or handbag, and then you’ll always be prepared.

Essential ingredients:
– a straight stick, suitable for use as a handle for your completed tool
– an abalone shell
– a selection of stones to use in the construction
Equal amounts of:
– the dried resinous sap of the grass tree
– dried kangaroo poo
– charcoal

– grind finely the resin, poo and charcoal. Mix thoroughly

– light a fire

– evenly coat one end of the stick with the powder

– melt it to a smooth, glassy finish in the fire. Build up layer upon layer until the resign coating is about 1cm deep, enough to hold several chips of abalone shell.

– crack off several flat pieces of abalone shell, suitable for use as an axe-head shaped blade

– using more resin powder, stick the shell pieces into the resin you have already built up on the end of the stick
– use more resin to ensure a strong hold

– in case you need another fire later, wedge some hot coals into the seed holes of a Banksia seed pod.


I have no advice however as to the correct method for actually skinning a ‘roo or a possum. You are entirely on your own in that regard.

Good luck!