welcome to ridgesong

ridgeong is a small acreage located in the Lower Hunter Valley of NSW, in an area known as Bucketty. The property is surrounded by wet and dry sclerophyll forest, and is home to koalas, wallabies, lyrebirds, king parrots, black and glossy black cockatoos, satin bower birds, sulphur crested cockatoos, countless snakes and lizards and a zillion frogs. All these share their home with us. Predominant tree species include iron bark, stringy bark, geebung, casuarina, grass trees and the majestic Sydney half barks. In the wetter valley floor areas tall manna gums rise to heights of forty metres, with an understory of tree ferns, and paperbarks.

At ridgesong we relax, away from the buzz and clatter of city living. We are free to explore the local area, without concern of traffic and other hazards. We are also free to explore our creative and nurturing natures with spade, blade, spinning wheel and pen. In short, we live. We also try our best to help build the community we wish to live in, and take great joy in contributing where and how we can to the success of community events, whether by helping to create them or simply by supporting and participating in them.

This is our story, and our stories.

Tread lightly, and walk with grace and pride.